Achiote Marinated Chicken Salad

Z'Tejas Southwest Grill Recipe

2 ounces Achiote
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon allspice
2 ounces garlic clove
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1/2 tablespoon oregano

4-6 chicken breast with skin

Make the marinade: Add all 9 ingredients to a blender and blend well. Place all chicken in a large dish. Using gloves, make sure chicken gets thoroughly coated. Marinate the chicken breasts in the refrigerator.

Cook the chicken breast: Salt and pepper chicken breast and place melted butter down on Teflon skillet top. Place marinated chicken skin side down and place a weight on top. Sear for approx 4 minutes till crispy then turn over. Cook till done then turn on skin side down for approx one minute before slicing.

1 ounce lettuce, shredded
1 ounce red cabbage, shredded
1/4 avocado, sliced
1 small Roma tomato
1/4 cup sweet corn
2 tablespoons cotija cheese
1/4 cup black beans
2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds
3 ounces Ranch Vinaigrette
5 ounces Achiote Chicken Breast, sliced

Mix all ingredients in large salad bowl. Pour ranch vinaigrette over salad and mix well so all ingredients are covered.

Ranch Vinaigrette:
2 cups ranch dressing
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

Mix two ingredients until consistent throughout.

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