Rio Bravo Chocolate Chimichangas

Rio Bravo Restaurant Recipe

1 Hershey Bar
1 large flour tortilla
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Hersheys Chocolate Syrup

Heat oil over medium heat in skillet or fry baby. If using an omelette size skillet, fill about 1/3 with oil. Tortilla is less likely to crack when you fold it if you microwave it for about 5-8 seconds right before you are ready to put chocolate bar inches.

Break the Hershey bar up into 2-3 pieces. Pile the chocolate in the tortilla, leaving enough room so that no chocolate is exposed when you fold it. Fold both ends over, then roll to make a little burrito. Make sure all chocolate is covered. If any of it gets into the hot oil, it is a nasty mess. I usually test the oil by tearing off a little piece of tortilla--if it sizzles then the oil is ready.

Using tongs to hold the chimichanga together, gently place the chimichanga into the hot oil. Let cook for a couple of minutes until bottom is golden & crispy. Then GENTLY flip over, careful not to let any chocolate spill out. Cook until that side is also golden & crispy. (Don't be suprised if you ruin one on the first try, it takes a little practice to get it just right.).

Drain the grease by placing chimichanga on a paper towel. Then put it into a bowl or plate & top with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Drizzle with chocolate syrup for presentation. It's so rich that 2 people usually share one of these. Serves 1-2.

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