Seafood Recipes


ABUELO'S Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp
ABUELO'S Margarita Shrimp
ABUELO'S Pasta La Paz
ABUELO'S Pescado Guerro
ABUELO'S Seafood Chimichanga
ABUELO'S Seafood Enchiladas

ACAPULCO'S Crab and Avocado Enchiladas

AUNT CHILADA'S  Shrimp Stuffed Pineapple 

BAJA FRESH MEX  Shrimp Tacos

CHEVY'S Cracked Crab Enchiladas
CHEVY'S Drunken Shrimp Fajitas
CHEVY'S Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas

CHI CHI'S Seafood Enchilada Cancun

COZUMEL'S Yucatan Special

DON PABLO'S Tortilla Fried Shrimp

EL CHICO  Shrimp Enchiladas

EL RANCHERO GRANDE Shrimp Enchiladas

EL TORITO Ceviche Tostadas
EL TORITO Shrimp Veracruz

LOS CABOS BBQ Shrimp Tacos

MESA GRILL Blue Corn Crab Cakes
MESA GRILL Shrimp and Roasted Garlic Tamale
MESA GRILL Smoked Shrimp Tacos

NO NAME Shrimp Mazatlan
NO NAME Shrimp with Cilantro Sauce
NO NAME Tequila Seafood Pasta

PANCHERO'S Chipotle Shrimp Scampi

PAPPASITO'S  Mixed Grill Fajitas

RIO BRAVO Garlic Butter Shrimp
RIO BRAVO Seafood Combo with Tequila Sauce
RIO BRAVO Shrimp Burritos

ROSA MEXICANO San Felipe Shrimp Tacos

RUBIO'S Lobster Tacos
RUBIO'S Shrimp Burritos

UNCLE JULIO'S Chipotle Borracho Shrimp
UNCLE JULIO'S Cozumel Shrimp Tacos

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